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Tarantulas for sale

Arachnophobic? Then look no further, as this category has lots of large and hairy spiders. We stock a variety of species from the docile new world tarantulas, to the more experienced old world, baboons, earth tigers and ornamental species.

Asian Fawn
Asian FawnChilobrachys huahiniPrices from£5.00
An opportunist heavy webbing spider that seems quite happy to live in a variety of conditions.
Brazilian Blue
Brazilian BlueLasiocyano sazimaiPrices from£8.00
Formerly Pterinopelma sazimai, this iridescent blue spider is only known from one location, on an ecological island in Brazil.
Caqueta Tree Spider
Caqueta Tree SpiderAmazonius sp. CaquetaPrices from£20.00
Rarely available arboreal species endemic to Caqueta in Columbia.
Dark Earth Tiger
Dark Earth TigerChilobrachys sp. kaeng krachanPrices from£6.00
A huge dark coloured Chilobrachys species that can reach sizes of 15-17cm legspan. These spiders are quite reclusive and if kept properly in a fossorial setup they will seldom be seen.
Eastern Horned Baboon
Eastern Horned BaboonCeratogyrus darlingiPrices from£6.00
These are a heavy webbing species that make interesting display animals. They have a backwards curved horn that distinguishes it from other Ceratogyrus species.
Feather Leg Baboon
Feather Leg BaboonStromatopelma calceatumPrices from£40.00
This spider lives high in the canopy tops of tropical forests in West Africa. It is known for being extremely aggressive and should only be kept by people who have lots of experience dealing with other arboreal species of tarantula.
Golden Blue Leg Baboon
Golden Blue Leg BaboonHarpactira pulchripesPrices from£20.00
This is an Old World species originating from South Africa. They are excellent burrowers and heavy webbers, a must-have species for experienced hobbyists.
Malaysian Earth Tiger
Malaysian Earth TigerOmothymus schioedteiPrices from£10.00
These are a large, colourful and aggressive tarantula. They live primarily in lowland and monsoon forest where they live in hollow trees high above the ground.
Mexican Pink Tarantula
Mexican Pink TarantulaBrachypelma klaasiPrices from£30.00
This species is endemic to Mexico and according to wild population status reports, these are the rarest of the genus Brachypelma.
Namibia Grey Baboon
Namibia Grey BaboonCeratogyrus sanderiPrices from£8.00
This tarantula is an amber-gold and olive green colour with a low black horn on their carapace.
Orange Baboon
Orange BaboonPterinochilus murinusPrices from£8.00
The Orange Baboon is an aggressive species from parts of Africa, most are collected from Tanzania.
Panama Blonde
Panama BlondePsalmopoeus pulcherPrices from£20.00
Not as often seen and arguably the nicest looking species of the Psalmopoeus genus.
Purple Earth Tiger
Purple Earth TigerCyriopagopus sp. Hati HatiPrices from£9.00
A beautiful recently discovered arboreal species from Indonesia. Also known as the Hati hati Purple, this species has a purple and black base colouration with a yellowish carapace.
Rusty Red Baboon
Rusty Red Baboon Hysterocrates gigasPrices from£25.00
Rusty Red Baboon Tarantula, a big African spider with lots of attitude and certainly not a beginner species. They can even swim and have been reported in the wild to catch fish.
Thai Bamboo Spider
Thai Bamboo SpiderTaksinus bambusPrices from£48.00
A very rare arboreal tarantula from Thailand which is only found living in the culm of bamboo. This spider was previously known as Ornithoctoninae sp. Mae Hong Son before being formally described and placed into a new genus on its own.
Trinidad Chevron
Trinidad ChevronPsalmopoeus cambridgeiPrices from£15.00
The Trinidad Chevron Tarantula is a fast growing species reaching a leg span of six inches. They are arboreal spinning a web within loose tree bark or plants.
Venezuelan Suntiger
Venezuelan SuntigerPsalmopoeus irminiaPrices from£15.00
This is a beautiful arboreal species of Tarantula, with vivid orange patterns over its abdomen, metatarsus and tarsus parts of their legs.
Yellow Pink Toe
Yellow Pink ToeAvicularia aurantiacaPrices from£35.00
An arboreal species found within the rainforests of Peru that has a beautiful bronze appearance with the characteristic pink toes.
Zimbabwe Grey Baboon
Zimbabwe Grey BaboonCeratogyrus meridionalisPrices from£8.00
Commonly known as the Zimbabwe grey baboon tarantula or the grey mustard baboon, is a species of tarantula. It is found in Malawi and Mozambique.

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