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Arachnophobic? Then look no further, as this category has lots of large and hairy spiders. We stock a variety of species from the docile new world tarantulas, to the more experienced old world, baboons, earth tigers and ornamental species.

Black Satan Tarantula
Black Satan TarantulaChilobrachys sp."Black Satan" Prices from£14.95
This is a new species to the hobby (2014) that were originally collected from Nepal and are thought to be a Chilobrachys species. They have a jet black appearance and a typical fiery temperament which has given them the name "Black Satan".
Brazilian Dwarf Pinkleg
Brazilian Dwarf PinklegKochiana brunnipes Prices from£6.00
A small species found in Brazil that has only entered the UK hobby recently.
Colombian Brown
Colombian BrownPamphobeteus fortis Prices from£14.95
A large brown Pamphobeteus species believed to be found only in Colombia. The young of this species have the typical Christmas tree markings which fades as they mature.
Dark Earth Tiger
Dark Earth TigerChilobrachys sp. kaeng krachan Prices from£5.00
A huge dark coloured Chilobrachys species that can reach sizes of 15-17cm legspan. These spiders are quite reclusive and if kept properly in a fossorial setup they will seldom be seen.
Dwarf Chestnut
Dwarf ChestnutHeterothele villosella Prices from£4.00
Heterothele villosella is a small, fast growing, communal species from Tanzania, East Africa. They reach sizes of approximately 5-6cm as adult. They are prolific webbers and make great display species.
Eastern Horned Baboon
Eastern Horned BaboonCeratogyrus darlingi Prices from£28.00
These are a heavy webbing species that make interesting display animals. They have a backwards curved horn that distinguishes it from other Ceratogyrus species.
Fort Hall Baboon
Fort Hall BaboonPterinochilus lugardi Prices from£12.95
The Fort Hall Baboon is also known as the Dodoma Baboon. They are an aggressive species found within Africa, many are collected from around Tanzania.
Green Bottle Blue
Green Bottle BlueChromatopelma cyanopubescens Prices from£12.00
The Venezuelan Green Bottle Blue Tarantula is a nice attractive species with blue legs, green carapace and orange abdomen. Definitely one for the collection!
Haitian Brown Birdeater
Haitian Brown BirdeaterPhormictopus cancerides Prices from£6.00
Haitan Brown Birdeater Tarantulas are from North to Central America.
Hati Hati Purple
Hati Hati PurpleCyriopagopus sp."Hatihati" Prices from£7.00
A recently discovered arboreal species from Indonesia. The spider is has a purple and black base colouration with a yellowish carapace.
Ivory Ornamental Tarantula
Ivory Ornamental TarantulaPoecilotheria subfusca Prices from£10.00
The Ivory Ornamental Tarantula is a stunning arboreal species found in Sri Lanka.
Orange Baboon
Orange BaboonPterinochilus murinus Prices from£4.00
The Orange Baboon is an aggressive species from parts of Africa, most are collected from Tanzania.
Orange Tree Spider
Orange Tree SpiderTapinauchenius gigas Prices from£6.00
These spiders are native to French Guiana and are well known for their speedy and aggressive behaviour.
Penang Earth Tiger
Penang Earth TigerChilobrachys sp. "Penang" Prices from£6.00
Fairly new to the hobby, this species is found on Penang island on the west coast of Malaysia.
Red Island Birdeater
Red Island BirdeaterPhormictopus atrichromatus Prices from£8.00
A large terrestrial species found in the Caribbean.
Rusty Red Baboon Tarantula
Rusty Red Baboon TarantulaHysterocrates sp. "Cameroon" Prices from£9.00
Rusty Red Baboon Tarantula, a big African spider with lots of attitude and certainly not a beginner species. They can even swim and have been reported in the wild to catch fish.
Salmon Pink Birdeater
Salmon Pink BirdeaterLasiodora parahybana Prices from£3.00
This extremely large tarantula is a must for any collection. The Salmon Pink Birdeater grows at a fast rate, reaching sizes of 7.5 - 10 inches. They don't spin large webs, or burrow much, so make great display tarantulas.
Singapore Blue Tarantula
Singapore Blue TarantulaOmothymus violaceopes Prices from£10.00
One of the most beautiful arboreal tarantulas in the hobby. These spiders get big and are full of attitude; definitely not one for beginners!
Stout-Leg Baboon
Stout-Leg BaboonEucratoscelus pachypus Prices from£10.00
The Stout-Leg Baboon Tarantula is an average sized tarantua from Africa.
Stripe Knee Tarantula
Stripe Knee TarantulaAphonopelma seemanni Prices from£24.95
Formerly one of the most popular pet spiders in the hobby, found throughout Central America and in varying forms depending on the locality.
Trinidad Chevron
Trinidad ChevronPsalmopoeus cambridgei Prices from£9.00
The Trinidad Chevron Tarantula is a fast growing species reaching a leg span of six inches. They are arboreal spinning a web within loose tree bark or plants.
Trinidad Olive
Trinidad OliveNeoholothele incei Prices from£5.00
A small species of tarantula that are copious web spinners. This spider will create intricate tubular burrows all over its enclosure. They are quite reclusive but often show themselves at feeding time or during breeding attempts.

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