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Housing and Kits for sale

Selecting the correct enclosure for your exotic pet is the single most important purchase you can make. We offer a wide range of wooden vivarium’s, glass terrariums, plastic tanks and starter kits.

BiopodThe Smart MicrohabitatPrices from£449.00
A complete terrarium or paludarium with inbuilt, heating, lighting and misting components. Tell the Biopod app what you wanting to raise or grow and with the tap of a button, create the ideal environment for your plants and animals.
BraPlast Plastic Box
BraPlast Plastic BoxFor hatchling reptiles and invertsPrices from£1.09
Arguably, the most versatile and inexpensive housing available for keeping exotic pets. BraPlast tubs can be used for a multitude of different applications, including, rearing hatchling reptiles (geckos and snakes) and housing invertebrates (tarantulas).
Exo Terra Breeder Box
Exo Terra Breeder BoxStackable breeding boxPrices from£9.75
The uniqueness of the Exo Terra Breeder Box is that you can still feed your animal via the front window without moving the stacked boxes.
Exo Terra Combination Padlock for Glass Terrarium
Exo Terra Combination Padlock for Glass TerrariumSecurityPrices from£4.87
For use with the Exo Terra Glass Terrariums. These combination padlocks give you peace of mind by securing your tank. Especially useful in households that have young children.
Exo Terra Crested Gecko Terrarium
Exo Terra Crested Gecko TerrariumCrested gecko habitat kitPrices from£89.95
The Exo Terra Crested Gecko Terrarium come with everything you need to keep your gecko healthy.
Exo Terra Faunarium Plastic Terrariums
Exo Terra Faunarium Plastic TerrariumsIdeal for InvertsPrices from£2.95
These Plastic Terrariums are very affordable and ideal housing for a number of species such as Tarantulas, Scorpions and some Amphibians.
Exo Terra Glass Door Latch
Exo Terra Glass Door LatchReplacement latchPrices from£3.85
This Exo Terra Glass Door Latch replacement kit has all the required parts to replace any damaged latches on the Exo Terra Glass Terrariums.
Exo Terra Glass Terrarium
Exo Terra Glass TerrariumGlass reptile housingPrices from£42.00
The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium is the ideal reptile or amphibian housing designed by European herpetologists.
Exo Terra Paludarium
Exo Terra PaludariumSemi aquaticPrices from£253.35
Be creative! Keep reptiles, plants and fish in one habitat with an Exo Terra Paludarium.
Exo Terra Terrarium Cabinet
Exo Terra Terrarium CabinetNatural terrarium standsPrices from£106.69
The Exo Terra Terrarium Cabinets are the perfect complement to show off your glass terrarium beautifully.
Exo Terra Tiki Terrarium
Exo Terra Tiki TerrariumPolynesian themedPrices from£68.35
One of the fantastic Exo Terra glass terrariums but with a Polynesian twist.
Exotic Pets African Land Snail Starter Kit
Exotic Pets African Land Snail Starter KitComplete SetupPrices from£35.99
This kit includes everything you need to start out in keeping African Land Snails.
Exotic Pets Bearded Dragon Kit
Exotic Pets Bearded Dragon KitBearded Dragon complete kitPrices from£46.13
Our Bearded Dragon starter kits offer a large spacious vivarium. A home for life. Available in 3 different colours and a optional matching stand and decor pack.
Exotic Pets Chameleon Kit
Exotic Pets Chameleon KitFull set up for medium sized chameleonsPrices from£199.00
This starter kit is ideal for young chameleons or species that do not grow too large. Everything is included to help you set up the perfect housing for your new chameleon.
Exotic Pets Millipede Starter Kit
Exotic Pets Millipede Starter KitComplete SetupPrices from£35.99
This kit includes everything you need to start out in keeping Millipedes.
Exotic Pets Praying Mantis Starter Kit
Exotic Pets Praying Mantis Starter KitComplete SetupPrices from£39.99
This kit includes everything you need to start out in keeping and rearing a Praying Mantis.
Exotic Pets Premium Tortoise Kit
Exotic Pets Premium Tortoise KitBuy the best for your reptilePrices from£76.99
A spacious and aesthetically pleasing tortoise starter kit that will look perfect in any home.
Exotic Pets Premium Tree Frog Kit
Exotic Pets Premium Tree Frog KitAll-in-one starter kit Prices from£249.00
The best products available on the market, rolled into a comprehensive all-in-one starter kit package for tree frogs.
Exotic Pets Spiderling Pots
Exotic Pets Spiderling PotsFor rearing slingsPrices from£8.00
Once 35mm film canisters became obsolete, tarantula enthusiasts sought after new ways of managing their young spiderlings. Our sling pots are one of the most widely used on the market and are suitable for many different species.
Exotic Pets Square Tubs
Exotic Pets Square TubsFor rearing juvenilesPrices from£3.60
These plastic containers have a multitude of uses including rearing young animals, using as display boxes at shows, shipping and even breeding insects.
Exotic Pets Tarantula and Scorpion Starter Kit
Exotic Pets Tarantula and Scorpion Starter KitComplete SetupPrices from£35.99
Looking to keep your first pet tarantula or scorpion? This complete setup includes everything you need to start keeping them successfully.
HabiStat Hatchling Snake Starter Kit
HabiStat Hatchling Snake Starter KitIdeal for young snakesPrices from£103.99
Contains everything you need to house and maintain a hatchling snake. Suitable for a variety of different snake species, including Corn Snakes and young Royal Pythons.
Komodo Ecology Tortoise Table Stand
Komodo Ecology Tortoise Table StandOak finishPrices from£33.99
Optional matching stand for the Komodo Ecology Tortoise Table.
Komodo Glass Door Strips
Komodo Glass Door StripsIdeal for sliding glass doorsPrices from£3.69
Sliding doors on terrariums commonly have a small gap where the doors overlap.
Komodo Plastic Terrarium
Komodo Plastic TerrariumVentilated and stackablePrices from£3.59
Suitable for a number of exotic animals and available in several sizes.
Lucky Reptile Critter Box
Lucky Reptile Critter BoxFor spiderlings and mantis nymphsPrices from£4.79
If you enjoy keeping and rearing praying mantis nymphs and spiderlings like we do, you'll be glad to see a product that has been designed just for that purpose.
Lucky Reptile InsectTarrium
Lucky Reptile InsectTarriumStylish insect housingPrices from£31.29
The Lucky Reptile InsectTarrium is a cylinder shaped enclosure that is ideal for many invertebrates. It also has LED lighting that switches from day to night settings.
Monkfield Terrainium
Monkfield TerrainiumSnake vivariumPrices from£43.19
An alternative and stylish vivarium suitable for a variety of different snake species.
Peregrine Hatchling Snake Starter Kit
Peregrine Hatchling Snake Starter KitIdeal for young snakesPrices from£69.29
Contains everything you need to house and maintain a hatchling snake. Perfect for Corn Snakes and many other colubrid species.
Peregrine Horned Frog Starter Kit
Peregrine Horned Frog Starter KitIdeal for terrestrial amphibiansPrices from£79.99
Contains everything you need to house a horned frog. This kit is designed to help you create an ideal environment to keep an Argentinian Horned Frog or similar small terrestrial species.
ProRep Cage Door Security Wedges
ProRep Cage Door Security WedgesFor glass vivariumsPrices from£3.50
A budget but effective way of stopping reptiles escaping from vivariums.
ProRep Viv Lock
ProRep Viv Lock For sliding glass doorsPrices from£4.79
Perfect for use with wooden vivariums and terrariums with sliding glass doors.
Stewart Clear Hatchling Box
Stewart Clear Hatchling BoxPerfect for reptile egg incubationPrices from£4.75
Clear non-ventilated polystyrene box with push-fit lid. Can be fitted with stainless steel gauzes by drilling hole and heating gauze to melt onto plastic. Also called Cadbury's box.
Vivexotic Cabinet
Vivexotic CabinetFor maxi and viva+Prices from£79.49
Stylish and contemporary cabinets to match the popular Vivexotic vivarium range.
Vivexotic Heat Mat Holder
Vivexotic Heat Mat HolderFor use in wooden vivariumsPrices from£18.09
A simple, safe and effective solution to heating melamine wooden vivarium's. Especially suited to snakes and terrestrial geckos.
Vivexotic Repti-Home
Vivexotic Repti-HomeSnake and lizard vivariumPrices from£53.19
The most popular range of wooden vivariums are the Vivexotic Repti-Home due to their range of colours, stacking ability and ease of building.
Vivexotic Repti-Home Maxi
Vivexotic Repti-Home MaxiSnake and lizard vivariumPrices from£97.29
Versatile and streamlined, Repti-Home units are designed specially for the retailer, breeder and enthusiast. Taller and deeper than the standard range, Repti-Home Maxi offers a huge 30% increase in floor space.
Vivexotic Repti-View
Vivexotic Repti-ViewSnake and lizard vivariumPrices from£108.79
Repti-View has been designed with the best interests of owner and pet in mind with its great features and glass panelled sides and lid, providing you with panoramic views of your reptile and their home.
Vivexotic Viva Tortoise Table
Vivexotic Viva Tortoise TableTortoise vivariumPrices from£51.99
The Vivexotic Tortoise Table is an easy to clean, complete home for your pet tortoise. An extension is also available to increase the size of the enclosure as the Tortoise grows.
Vivexotic Viva Vivarium Lock
Vivexotic Viva Vivarium Lock For viva models onlyPrices from£10.95
Perfect for securing Vivexotic Viva vivariums.
Vivexotic Viva+ Arboreal
Vivexotic Viva+ ArborealSnake and lizard vivariumPrices from£118.49
Vivexotic Viva+ Arboreal vivariums are specifically made for reptiles which like to climb. With plenty of space to decorate with climbing structures, this vivarium becomes a window into an exotic, tropical world.
Vivexotic Viva+ Chameleon
Vivexotic Viva+ ChameleonChameleon vivariumPrices from£140.99
The VIVA+ Chameleon vivarium gives you an opportunity to create a beautiful habitat for these most charming and distinctive creatures. Ideal for the popular Yemen Chameleon. Redesigned to feature the new "EasyVent" system means cable management is easier
Vivexotic Viva+ Terrestrial
Vivexotic Viva+ TerrestrialSnake and lizard vivariumPrices from£107.99
The Viva+ Vivariums feature innovative "EasyVent" to allow simple and easy cable management, effective, hidden "Frontflow" ventilation, lockable doors and 3 modern finishes. Now taller for more versatility.
Vivexotic Vivarium Stacking Feet
Vivexotic Vivarium Stacking FeetFor raising vivariums off the floorPrices from£8.99
Complete the look of your Vivexotic vivarium's by safely, securely, and stylishly, stacking them up and mounting them off the floor.
Zoo Med Nano Breeze
Zoo Med Nano BreezeLizard and invertebrate vivariumPrices from£37.99
Ideal for housing and rearing many lizard and invertebrate species.
Zoo Med Nano Breeze Substrate Tray
Zoo Med Nano Breeze Substrate TrayFor use with screen enclosuresPrices from£10.39
If your using any sort of substrate in your Zoo Med Nano Breeze then you should consider using one of these removable pre-formed substrate trays.
Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium
Zoo Med Naturalistic TerrariumGlass housingPrices from£56.39
Single glass opening door with snap closure. Screen top, cable holes in rear and water tight base.
Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Crested Gecko Kit
Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Crested Gecko KitAffordable basic kitPrices from£80.09
If you're new to exotic pet keeping and wish to keep crested geckos for the first time then this kit provides some of the basic essentials required.
Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Frog Kit
Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Frog KitAffordable basic kitPrices from£67.29
If you're new to exotic pet keeping and wish to keep tree frog species then this kit provides some of the basic essentials.
Zoo Med Paludarium
Zoo Med PaludariumSemi aquaticPrices from£89.99
What if you could have a terrarium and aquarium all in one enclosure? Something for your reptiles, plants, and fish? Well now you can, with our Paludariums!
Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Screen Enclosure
Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Screen EnclosureAluminium screen enclosurePrices from£58.79
This enclosure has a black anodized aluminum screen with a large front door and a smaller door at the bottom to access substrate.
Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Aquatic Turtle Kit
Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Aquatic Turtle KitComplete turtle kitPrices from£307.89
The Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Aquatic Turtle Kits are perfect as these include all the basics for keeping turtles fit and healthy.
Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Bearded Dragon Kit
Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Bearded Dragon KitAffordable basic kitPrices from£172.29
This kit is the perfect way to get started with taking care of young Bearded Dragons.

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