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Exotic Pets Elephant Ear Seed Pods

Exotic Pets Elephant Ear Seed Pods
Natural decor for your terrarium

Fantastic decorative pieces. There unique size and shape allow climbing opportunities for smaller terrarium species and if positioned correctly, can be used as a natural hides.

  • Provide natural enrichment
  • Suitable for all species of reptile, amphibian and invertebrate
  • Pieces will vary in size, shape and colour
  • Collected from areas of sustainability

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What are Elephant Ear Seed Pods?

A large and uniquely twisted pod with an earthy complexion. Elephants ears have a ridged inner shell and a smooth outer with rounded indents. Perfect for naturalistic terrarium and vivarium setups.

How we use Elephant Ear Seed Pods

Perfect for decorative floor cover, but can provide unique basking spots (once climbed upon), for small terrarium species such as dart frogs.

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