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Exotic Pets Essentials Crested Gecko Kit

Exotic Pets Essentials Crested Gecko Kit
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Ideal for Crested Gecko enthusiasts looking to keep their first reptile, and for experienced keepers wanting a new pet.

Exotic Pets Essentials Crested Gecko Kit - Terrarium and Contents
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Terrarium and Contents
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What’s in our Essentials Crested Gecko Kit and why?

In the wild, Crested Geckos were once thought to be extinct in their Native home of New Caledonia, only to be rediscovered in 1994. Their popularity as pets continues to grow, however, their care within the hobby over the years has been hugely misunderstood. We are determined to ensure this species is given the equipment and care they deserve, our Essentials Crested Gecko Kit includes everything you will need for a healthy, happy gecko who will thrive for many years in your care.

Our essentials kit includes a 45x 45x 60cm terrarium; allowing for freedom of movement, greater range for thermoregulation and more space to add natural décor to enhance environmental enrichment.

UVB lighting is essential towards the health and well-being of all reptiles. Crested Geckos are no different– despite the outdated information still being offered online. The kit comes with a low level UVB tube, simulating the levels they have access to from their forest home in the wild. Their natural temperatures are not as high as some species, though it is still necessary. We include essential heating by way of a ceramic bulb, in a dome fitting enabling you to replicate the temperatures needed. We also include a digital thermometer for piece of mind to ensure the correct temperature requirements are being met. The lighting is recommended to be on for 12 hours during the day, so we provide a 24 hour timer to allow everything to be switched off at night to allow for a natural night time temperature drop.

In the wild, Crested Geckos will feed on a variety of over ripened soft fruits, insects and even small amounts of nectar. In captivity our goal should be to provide as much variety as possible, but to ensure they are receiving the correct vitamins and minerals we include a nutritionally balanced powdered diet; mixed with water in the kit provided to form an edible paste. This is then placed in the elevated feeding ledge for the gecko to eat when required.

Water quality is also important; we include a water conditioner to neutralise the chemicals in tap water and add beneficial electrolytes. Use this both for drinking and in the spray bottle provided to keep the humidity levels perfect– there is a hygrometer which allows you to check this.

A natural looking habitat is not only aesthetically pleasing but it provides enrichment for your gecko, encouraging instinctual behaviour. Included with your Essentials Kit is natural Cork Bark, moss and artificial plants, this is perfect for creating a hiding area.

Given that the included heating and lighting equipment will be providing the optimum environment for your geckos digestive system, our kit comes with substrate blended to mimic the natural terrain in the wild. The Essentials kit also includes reptile safe disinfectant for keeping the environment clean and smelling fresh.

Essentials Kit contents:

  • Exo Terra Terrarium - 45x45x60cm (18” x 18” x 24”) This size is perfect for Juveniles through to adults– a home for life!
  • Dome Reflector Fitting - High temperature heat proof, easy fit to hold the heat bulb securely
  • Ceramic Heat Bulb - Providing heat from above
  • Pulse Thermostat - Ensuring your vivarium is reaching the correct basking temperature year round
  • Shade Dweller UVB - To provide essential UVB rays to promote health and wellbeing
  • 24hr Timer - To regulate the daylight hours within your enclosure
  • Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer - The most accurate method of checking the temperature & humidity within the habitat
  • Livefood Supplement - In conjunction with UVB, high quality supplements will keep your gecko healthy
  • Complete Meal Replacement Powder - Nutritionally complete diet, mixed to a paste
  • Food Mixing Kit– For preparation and storage of MRP
  • Acrylic Twin Feeding Ledge - Elevated platform, one pot for food, one for water
  • Crested Gecko Substrate - Blended to mimic your geckos natural terrain
  • Natural Cork - Perfect for climbing and hiding
  • Natural Moss - Aids humidity levels
  • Realistic artificial plants - Adds to the natural look, provides shelter
  • Disinfectant - Reptile safe, perfect for deep cleaning and deodorising
  • Spray Bottle - For spraying twice per day
  • Reptisafe - Makes tap water safe
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