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Livefood Care for sale

Something often overlooked by many keepers is livefood care. Looking after your insects and ensuring they're fully gutloaded before offering them to your pet, is the best way of giving your animal a healthy and balanced diet.

Arcadia EarthPro CustodianFuel
Arcadia EarthPro CustodianFuelFeeds bio-active custodiansPrices from£5.65
All natural ingredients that provide a source of nutrition which is ideal for maintaining and breeding bio-active insects.
Arcadia EarthPro InsectFuel
Arcadia EarthPro InsectFuelEffectively gutloads live insect feedersPrices from£3.75
A blend of dried plants, fruits, full spectrum carotenoids, vitamins and minerals to feed and nourish livefoods.
Exo Terra Cricket Pen
Exo Terra Cricket PenHolding pen with dispensing tubesPrices from£12.15
Perfect for housing, keeping and dispensing of live crickets.
Exotic Pets Insect Boost - Drink Me
Exotic Pets Insect Boost - Drink MeInsect hydration gelPrices from£2.95
Scientifically formulated insect safe water gel to help keep feeder insects and pet bugs hydrated, without the risk of drowning.
Exotic Pets Insect Boost - Eat Me
Exotic Pets Insect Boost - Eat MeInsect gut loading formulaPrices from£2.95
Nutrient dense, all natural gut-loading food. Well fed insects stay alive for longer and our formula ensures that they are loaded with goodness for your exotic pets. Perfect for feeding to your pet bugs too.

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