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Plastic Tanks for sale

Plastic tanks have a wide range of uses from housing your exotic pet to transporting your animal safely. Some are perfect for housing hatchling snakes, amphibians and invertebrates.

BraPlast Plastic Box
BraPlast Plastic BoxIdeal for hatchling reptiles Prices from£1.00
BraPlast plastic boxes can be used for newly hatched snakes, baby geckos, small ground dwelling amphibians or inverts.
Exo Terra Breeder Box
Exo Terra Breeder BoxStackable breeding box Prices from£9.99
The uniqueness of the Exo Terra Breeder Box is that you can still feed your animal via the front window without moving the stacked boxes.
Exo Terra Faunarium Plastic Terrariums
Exo Terra Faunarium Plastic TerrariumsIdeal for Inverts Prices from£2.95
These Plastic Terrariums are very affordable and ideal housing for a number of species such as Tarantulas, Scorpions and some Amphibians.
Lucky Reptile Critter Box
Lucky Reptile Critter BoxFor spiderlings and mantis nymphs Prices from£4.79
If you enjoy keeping and rearing praying mantis nymphs and spiderlings like we do, you'll be glad to see a product that has been designed just for that purpose.
Lucky Reptile InsectTarrium
Lucky Reptile InsectTarriumStylish insect housing Prices from£28.79
The Lucky Reptile InsectTarrium is a cylinder shaped enclosure that is ideal for many invertebrates. It also has LED lighting that switches from day to night settings.
Lucky Reptile Life Box
Lucky Reptile Life BoxSmart exotic housing Prices from£71.99
The Lucky Reptile Life Box has a modern retro style look and is available in two colours and sizes; it will definitely be an eye-catcher in your living room.
Spiderling Pots
Spiderling PotsFor rearing slings Prices from£0.19
Cost effective and perfect for housing most spiderlings for the first couple of moults of their life.
Stewart Clear Hatchling Box
Stewart Clear Hatchling BoxPerfect for reptile egg incubation Prices from£3.29
Clear non-ventilated polystyrene box with push-fit lid. Can be fitted with stainless steel gauzes by drilling hole and heating gauze to melt onto plastic. Also called Cadbury's box.

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