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ProRep Aspen Bedding

ProRep Aspen Bedding
Snake Bedding

A biodegradable reptile substrate made from non-toxic shredded wood. Ideal for both breeders and professional reptile keepers.

ProRep Aspen Bedding - 10 Litre
On Site (1-4 working days)
10 Litre
Earn 32 PetPoints

ProRep Aspen Bedding - 25 Litre
On Site (1-4 working days)
25 Litre
Earn 68 PetPoints

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Aspen bedding is suitable for most snakes species, some lizards, birds and small mammals. It is soft, dust-free, odourless and highly absorbent and is made from non-toxic shredded wood sourced from sustainable forests.

Available in 5L, 10L and 25L retail packs with carry-home handles and also in bulk 12.5Kg sack.

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