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Square Container with Flip Lid

Square Container with Flip Lid
For spiderlings

A small robust stackable and pre-ventilated square container with a secure flip top lid. Ideal for housing predatory inverts such as spiderlings and scorplings that do not require a large arboreal area.

Square Container with Flip Lid - 7oz (90 x 92 x 45mm)
On Site (1-4 working days)
7oz (90 x 92 x 45mm)
Earn 6 PetPoints

Square Container with Flip Lid - 24oz (108 x 108 x 75mm)
On Site (1-4 working days)
24oz (108 x 108 x 75mm)
Earn 9 PetPoints

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Product Information

Square containers perfectly designed for hobbyists who keep and maintain numbers of young tarantulas or scorpions.

The ventilation holes are situated on two sides of the container in two rows of fifteen vents. This allows for airflow to move across the tub but also allows a little build-up of humidity. These square based containers can be stacked easily without being toppled.

The lid also contains a small flip top lid for ease of feeding and preventing escape. The flip top lid measures 32mm by 28mm and shuts securely.   

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