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Sprayers and Drippers for sale

The most basic and important way of controlling your enclosures humidity is the use of a spray bottle.

Trixie Aerosol Sprayer
Trixie Aerosol SprayerFor providing humidityPrices from£4.95
Aerosol hand sprayers are ideal when infrequent misting is required for smaller terrariums.
Trixie Pressure Pump Sprayer
Trixie Pressure Pump SprayerFor providing humidityPrices from£11.95
It is vitally important for species that require a higher relative humidity that their environment is misted regularly. Pressure pump sprayers or aerosol sprayers are often the best choice for customers who regularly mist their enclosures.
Zoo Med Dripper
Zoo Med DripperPerfect for tropical speciesPrices from£10.95
Zoo Meds Drippers simulate natural rainfall and provide humidity for captive reptiles.

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