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Invert keeping has grown enormously in recent years and these low maintenance creatures are kept by newcomers and experienced keepers alike. With such a variety now available, it's easy to find something to suit everyone.

African Flower Mantis
African Flower MantisGalinthias amoenaPrices from£7.50
The African Flower Mantis is a new species within the Mantis hobby, information is very limited at the moment. They originate from Central and Eastern Africa, have a fast growth rate and stay small at 2.5 to 3cm.
African Giant Black Millipedes
African Giant Black MillipedesArchispirostreptus gigasPrices from£13.95
Their large size, tolerance and forgiveness to minor husbandry errors, makes this species perfect for novice keepers. Also known as Giant Train Millipedes.
African Land Snails
African Land SnailsVariousPrices from£6.00
African Land Snails are a giant species of snail from East Africa. They are one of the easiest pets to look after and are cheap to maintain, their slow movement and robust bodies make them a perfect pet for children to watch and are easy to handle.
Asian Chevron
Asian ChevronHaplopelma vonwirthiPrices from£5.00
An earth tiger species originating from Vietnam. Suitable for experienced keepers only.
Black Tunnelweb Spider
Black Tunnelweb SpiderPorrhothele antipodianaPrices from£19.95
This spider was described by Peter Jackson as inspiration for the character Shelob in Lord of the Rings The Two Towers. They are heavy webbers and make interesting subjects to keep.
Brazilian Dwarf Pinkleg
Brazilian Dwarf PinklegKochiana brunnipesPrices from£6.00
A small species found in Brazil that has only entered the UK hobby recently.
Cascada Birdeater
Cascada BirdeaterPamphobeteus sp. CascadaPrices from£25.00
A large birdeating spider from Ecuador. Overall, these tarantulas have a dark brown to black appearance; dark femurs and red setae hair on the abdomen.
Colombian Blue Leg
Colombian Blue LegHolothele sanguinicepsPrices from£6.00
Originating from the caribbean, this species is also known under the name of Trinidad Pink Dwarf.
Eastern Horned Baboon
Eastern Horned BaboonCeratogyrus darlingiPrices from£27.95
These are a heavy webbing species that make interesting display animals. They have a backwards curved horn that distinguishes it from other Ceratogyrus species.
Feather Leg Baboon
Feather Leg BaboonStromatopelma calceatumPrices from£5.00
This spider lives high in the canopy tops of tropical forests in West Africa. It is known for being extremely aggressive and should only be kept by people who have lots of experience dealing with other arboreal species of tarantula.
Giant Vinegaroon
Giant VinegaroonMastigoproctus giganteusPrices from£29.95
The Giant Vinegaroon is a calm and docile species, although to look at one you would not guess. They are a fascinating arachnid, a must for anyones collection.
Golden Baboon
Golden BaboonAugacephalus ezendamiPrices from£39.95
One of the rarer baboon species in the hobby. These spiders are mainly found around Mozambique.
Guadeloupe Stick Insect
Guadeloupe Stick InsectLamponius gueriniPrices from£3.00
Guadeloupe Stick Insects grow to an adult size of 70 to 90mm, females are larger. They feed on a range of leaf plants like Bramble, Oak and Ivy.
Lavender Earth Tiger
Lavender Earth TigerChilobrachys sp. "Nong ya Plong"Prices from£5.00
A fairly new and undescribed Chilobrachys species from Thailand.
Long Legged Millipede
Long Legged MillipedeUnknown speciesPrices from£10.95
The Long Legged Millipede can be found in Nigeria, Africa. They are an olive brown colour with long banded legs.
New River Rust Rump
New River Rust RumpAphonopelma chalcodesPrices from£49.95
Another North American Aphonopelma species that has currently not been described. They have a overall fluffy apperance, blonde in colour and black femurs. They have long red setae hair on the abdomen. They are a docile species.
Orangutan Orange
Orangutan Orange Phlogiellus obscurusPrices from£7.00
Believed to originate from Borneo. Also labelled as Selenocosmia sp. Sepilok.
Prison Des Abeilles
Prison Des Abeilles Ornithoctoninae sp. LaosPrices from£25.00
A stunning earth tiger from South East Asia.
Rusty Red Baboon
Rusty Red Baboon Hysterocrates gigasPrices from£29.95
Rusty Red Baboon Tarantula, a big African spider with lots of attitude and certainly not a beginner species. They can even swim and have been reported in the wild to catch fish.
Velvet Worms
Velvet WormsPeripatus sp.Prices from£16.95
Velvet Worms are strange but fascinating little creatures. Feeding on live insects, they suck out the soft tissue while their victim is still alive. Rarely seen or owned, these are a must for any collector!
Vietnam Giant Centipede
Vietnam Giant CentipedeScolopendra dehaaniPrices from£25.00
Scolopendra dehaani is an aggressive species that grows to an adult size of 7 to 8 inches. We do not recommend this species for beginners.
Vietnamese Blue
Vietnamese BlueChilobrachys sp. "Blue"Prices from£5.00
These spiders originate from Vietnam and get extremely large. They have thickened front legs with a blue sheen appearance. Thought to be a form of Chilobrachys dyscolus but more work needs to be done to confirm this.

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