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Exotic Pets Royal Python Kit

Exotic Pets Royal Python Kit
Complete setup for royal pythons

Royal Pythons make great beginner species as long as all their requirements are met and babies are not placed into a large enclosure straight away.

Exotic Pets Royal Python Kit - Exotic Pets Royal Python Starter Kit
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Exotic Pets Royal Python Starter Kit
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There are different views and opinions on how to house Royal Pythons and if they are ideal for beginners or not. We feel that these are ideal for someone wanting a slightly larger snake as long as you are aware that Royal Pythons can be fussy feeders. One main reason for Royals to stop feeding is due to stress, this can be caused by placing a baby into an enclosure which is too large. Also, temperatures need to be warm enough to allow them to digest their food, if not, they will not feed.

The Exotic Pets Royal Python Starter Kit is ideal for young and grown on Royal Pythons.

  • Terrainium (24" x 15" x 8")
  • Microclimate Heat Mat (16x12") 13w
  • Microclimate Mat Stat
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Aspen Bedding
  • Large Reptile Cave
  • Exo Terra Large Water Dish
  • Exo Terra Medium Forest Branch
  • Royal Python Book

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