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Calcium and Vitamin Supplements for sale

If you keep reptiles and amphibians you must ensure you supplement their diet accordingly. In this category, we offer a wide range of quality tried and tested products.

Arcadia Earthpro Calcium Pro Mg
Arcadia Earthpro Calcium Pro MgCalcium and magnesium supplementPrices from£3.55
Arcadia Reptile EarthProCalciumPro-Mg is a revolutionary new blend of finely ground, high grade, Calcium and essential Magnesium. Perfect to use in conjunction with Earthpro-A and Revitalize D3.
Arcadia Earthpro Revitalise D3
Arcadia Earthpro Revitalise D3Vitamin and mineral supplementPrices from£5.95
Arcadia Reptile EarthPro-RevitaliseD3 is the result of years of rigorous research and development and provides essential minerals and vitamins in a new and very effective way. Perfect to use in conjunction with Calcium pro Mg and Earthpro A.
Arcadia Earthpro Shed Support
Arcadia Earthpro Shed SupportVitamin and mineral supplementPrices from£5.65
An easy to use vitamin and mineral powder to aid with reptilian shedding.
Arcadia Earthpro Supplement Starter Kit
Arcadia Earthpro Supplement Starter KitSupplement and gutloaderPrices from£12.20
A great introduction to the Earthpro range from Arcadia Reptile. Suitable for all reptiles and amphibians. Includes comprehensive user guide.
Arcadia Earthpro-A
Arcadia Earthpro-AMultivitamin supplementPrices from£5.65
A safe and potent natural full spectrum vitamin powder for all exotic pets. Perfect to use in conjunction with Revitalise D3 and Calciumpro Mg.
Arcadia Earthpro-Ca
Arcadia Earthpro-CaCalcium supplementPrices from£3.10
A quality natural calcium dusting powder for all exotic pets.
Vetark ACE-High
Vetark ACE-HighMultivitamin for reptilesPrices from£11.20
Vetark ACE-High is a multivitamin with extra amounts of vitamins A,C and E which help animals during stress.
Vetark Arkvits
Vetark ArkvitsMultivitamin for reptilesPrices from£10.16
This is a broad spectrum high-potency multivitamin mixture for general supplementation of foods particularly for large adult reptiles.
Vetark Nutrobal
Vetark NutrobalMultivitamin for reptilesPrices from£8.16
A vitamin and mineral supplement specifically formulated as a high calcium balancer for insectivorous animals and birds.

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