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Glass Terrariums for sale

Housing your exotic pet in a glass terrarium will allow you to be more creative with your setups, they also look great as a centre piece in your home.

Exo Terra Glass Door Latch
Exo Terra Glass Door LatchReplacement latchPrices from£4.59
This Exo Terra Glass Door Latch replacement kit has all the required parts to replace any damaged latches on the Exo Terra Glass Terrariums.
Exo Terra Glass Terrarium
Exo Terra Glass TerrariumGlass reptile housingPrices from£47.99
The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium is the ideal reptile or amphibian housing designed by European herpetologists.
Exo Terra Paludarium
Exo Terra PaludariumSemi aquaticPrices from£105.99
Be creative! Keep reptiles, plants and fish in one habitat with an Exo Terra Paludarium.
Exo Terra Terrarium Cabinet
Exo Terra Terrarium CabinetNatural terrarium standsPrices from£138.99
The Exo Terra Terrarium Cabinets are the perfect complement to show off your glass terrarium beautifully.
ProRep Flatpack Terrarium
ProRep Flatpack TerrariumEasy to assemblePrices from£85.59
Quality glass terrarium that boasts distinctive features setting it apart from other terrariums on the market. Supplied flatpacked and easy to assemble.
ProRep Flatpack Terrarium Stacker
ProRep Flatpack Terrarium StackerFor flatpack terrariumsPrices from£54.39
Allows for vertical stacking of the ProRep Flatpack Terrarium range.
ProRep Flatpack Terrarium Wheels
ProRep Flatpack Terrarium WheelsFor flatpack terrariumsPrices from£19.19
Strong and durable wheels to make your flatpack terrarium stack mobile, this is especially useful during routine maintenance.
ProRep Mini Terrarium
ProRep Mini TerrariumEasy to assemblePrices from£32.79
Quality mini glass terrarium that have a sliding mesh top. Perfect for invertebrates and for housing some juvenile amphibians and hatchling reptiles.

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