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Reptile Systems New Dawn Flood

Reptile Systems New Dawn Flood
For plant growth

Perfect for large bio-active terrariums where the aim is to grow and maintain numbers of live plants.

  • Correct wavelength for optimum plant growth
  • True 6500k kelvin
  • Plastic covered lamp to prevent water damage
  • Fan cooling super silent
  • 80° beam angle

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What are Reptile Systems New Dawn Flood lamps used for?

Produces high light levels at the right wavelengths for powerful plant growth. True 6500k kelvin LED light source.

Additional Information

Use with an appropriate reflector lamp holder. It must be deep in design to accomodate the bulb shape.

Lumen (lm) >700 (10W), >2000 (25W), >3000 (35W),
Colour Temperature (Kelvin) 6500
CRI (Color Rendering Index) >90
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