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Screen Enclosures for sale

Some species of reptiles require a higher level of ventilation such as chameleons. Screen and mesh enclosures can be used both outdoors and indoors; allowing your reptile to recieve natural UVB light during the warmer months.

Zoo Med Nano Breeze
Zoo Med Nano BreezeLizard and invertebrate vivariumPrices from£40.99
Ideal for housing and rearing many lizard and invertebrate species.
Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Screen Enclosure
Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Screen EnclosureAluminium screen enclosurePrices from£62.99
This enclosure has a black anodized aluminum screen with a large front door and a smaller door at the bottom to access substrate.
Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Substrate Bottom Tray
Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Substrate Bottom TrayFor use with screen enclosuresPrices from£12.19
If your using any sort of substrate in your Zoo Med ReptiBreeze or NanoBreeze then you should consider using one of these removable pre-formed substrate trays.