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Exotic Pets African Land Snail Starter Kit

Exotic Pets African Land Snail Starter Kit
Complete Setup

This kit includes everything you need to start out in keeping African Land Snails.

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Product Information

This kit is ideal for beginners and contains all the essentials to setup and maintain African Land Snails from babies through to subadult.

Please see below for the list of items contained in our Exotic Pets African Land Snail Starter Kit:

  • Large plastic faunarium (37 x 22 x 25cm).
  • Low wattage heat mat for minimal running costs.
  • A on/off thermostat to accurately control the terrarium temperature and most importantly, prevent any risk of overheating your animal, and/or worse still cause a fire with incorrect equipment use.
  • Dial thermometer/hygrometer to measure the vivarium temperature and humidity levels from within the terrarium.
  • Hand sprayer/atomiser so you can mist the enclosure with water regularly and maintain optimum humidity.
  • Specialist substrate perfect for the use with snails.
  • Cork bark for use as a natural hide and to provide enrichment.
  • Decor pack to add a little natural decoration to the terrarium.
  • Chalk block for providing calcium to your snail. We believe these to be a better alternative to cuttlefish as they don't have a high salt content.
  • Resin dish ideal for fruits and vegetables.

N.B. Contents may vary from photo for other like for like equipment. 

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