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Microclimate Ministat 100

Microclimate Ministat 100
For heat mats and ceramic heaters

For controlling the temperature of non-light emitting heat sources only.

  • Controls temperatures up to 35°C
  • LED lights during operation
  • Five years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Maximum load 100W

Microclimate Ministat 100 - Microclimate Ministat 100
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Microclimate Ministat 100
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What are Microclimate Ministats used for?

Prevents accidental overheating and gives the keeper greater control over vivarium temperatures. 

Ministats are on/off devices which power until they reach set temperature, power down, and back on again when the temperature drops.

Additional Information

You can select the temperature by adjusting the centre dial with a small flat headed screwdriver and setting it at your desired temperature.

Probe position is important and varies depending on the type of equipment you are using with the thermostat. The product manufacturer encloses additional instructions advising on the best position in each situation.

We would advise not to rely 100% on the calibration setting of any thermostat, this can vary depending on the probe position and it's good husbandry practice to manually check the temperature with a digital thermometer.

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