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Baby Tears Plant

Baby Tears Plant
Soleirolia soleirolii

Great ground cover for humid terrariums and paludariums, also edible for reptiles such as Tortoises and Bearded Dragons. Assorted colours.

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What do Baby Tears look like?

This is a creeping perennial herb, it has delicate looking bright green leaves and produces tiny white flowers. This plant is low lying and spreads across the ground in a dense mat, making it perfect for a terrarium floor. 

Where are Baby Tears from?

Native to Italy, but also introduced to South America and Northern Europe.

How to care for Baby Tears

These plants will readily grow outside in the UK, they are fairly hardy and will thrive during the summer months in moist substrate and near ponds. They do best in the shade and partial sunlight, or grown indoors under plant growth LED lighting in a terrarium. These plants prefer fairly boggy soil, making them ideal for the edges of water in paludariums. Regular pruning encourages growth, and any off-cuts can be fed to your reptiles. They can also be planted in Tortoise Tables and in grassland vivariums scattered with rocks if kept well watered. They can be fed using a terrarium safe biofertiliser such as Superworm Frass. 

The benefits of using Baby Tears

  • Edible for reptiles.
  • Reptile and amphibian safe.
  • Can be grown indoors and outdoors.
  • Perfect for bioactive paludarium setups.
  • Increases oxygen and reduces CO2 throughout the day.
  • Easy to keep, grow and maintain.

Please note: Live plants will naturally vary in size and all sizes are approximate. Photos displaying multiple different colours are an example of the variety we stock, we will send random colours based upon availability.

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