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Exotic Pets Bamboo Leaf Litter

Exotic Pets Bamboo Leaf Litter
Natural terrarium decor

Bamboo leaves are ideal for use in bio-active and naturalistic terrariums. Ideal for decoration, ground cover, and food for millipedes and other custodians.

Exotic Pets Bamboo Leaf Litter - 1 Litre
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1 Litre
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What are Bamboo Leaves?

These are a natural byproduct from bamboo plants, which look perfect in any tropical environment. They are approximately 10-20cm in length, long and slender (sizes will vary as this is a natural product).

Our stock is responsibly sourced to ensure long term sustainability, dried out to remove unwanted pests (without the use of chemicals or pesticides) and then carefully packaged. This process ensures that it is 100% safe for terrarium use.

The benefits of Bamboo Leaves

The leaves make excellent mulch for use in Bio-active terrariums, or simply scattered onto the substrate to create ground cover and enrichment. These natural biodegradable leaves will slowly break down in more tropical environments. A variety of species, which live amongst leaf litter such as beetles, isopods, millipedes, and springtails will benefit from the nutrients created as these leaves break down. 

By adding a natural leaf layer to your terrariums ‘forest floor’, it will help facilitate water retention within your substrate, preventing it from drying out too quickly. 

Our Bamboo leaves are responsibly sourced from Europe and offers a safer and stress-free alternative for you and your exotic pet. Due to the drying process, our leaves will also have minimal risk of introducing unwanted pests such as slugs and snails into your controlled environment.

  • Suitable for bio-active and naturalistic terrariums.
  • Perfect for decoration and ground cover.
  • Can be blended with other leaves to create a food source for various invertebrates.
  • Breaks down naturally, providing food for custodians.
  • Helps retain substrate humidity.

How to use Bamboo Leaves

There are several application methods that can be used.

  1. Place on the substrate to create a bamboo forest floor.
  2. Break up and mix with your chosen substrate to create a leaf litter mulch.
  3. Place leaves into culturing tubs for various clean-up crews.

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