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Our range of fresh quality live food, includes everything from crickets, locusts and mealworms, through to the popular fruit beetle grubs, fruitfly and springtail cultures.

Aquatic Livefood
Aquatic LivefoodVarious Prices from£0.99
Variety of aquatic livefood catering for aquatic amphibians, turtle and fish.
Bean Weevil Cultures
Bean Weevil CulturesCallosobruchus maculatus Prices from£2.30
A small beetle which is easy to culture and a great alternative livefood for spiderlings or praying mantis nymphs.
Black Crickets
Black CricketsGryllus bimaculatus Prices from£1.69
Black crickets or field crickets are one of the most popular feeder foods for our exotic pets. These insects are available in 6 different sizes, please see our chart for more detailed information.
Buffalo Worms
Buffalo WormsAlphitobius diaperinus Prices from£1.69
A great alternative food type for smaller species of lizard, amphibian and bird.
Calci Worms
Calci WormsHermetia illucens Prices from£2.30
Calci worms are a fairly recent addition to the livefood market, already popular in America where they are sometimes known as phoenix worms or soldier grubs.
Curly-wing Flies
Curly-wing Flies Unknown Prices from£1.69
An alternatiive food for fly loving insects such as praying mantis and small species of gecko.
Dubia Cockroaches
Dubia CockroachesBlaptica dubia Prices from£2.30
A brillant alternative livefood for animals such as Bearded Dragons, terrestrial geckos and monitor lizards.
EarthwormsVarious Prices from£1.69
Earthworms do make great feeder food for our captive exotic pets either chopped up or whole.
Fruit Beetle Grub
Fruit Beetle GrubPachnoda sp. Prices from£2.54
A white, fat and juicy grub that can be fed to medium to large reptiles as a treat.
Fruit Fly Cultures
Fruit Fly CulturesDrosophila hydei Prices from£2.30
Flightless fruit fly cultures are an ideal livefood for small captive amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates.
LocustsShistocerca gregaria Prices from£1.69
Locusts or Hoppers are generally used as an alternative food for slower moving lizards. These insects are available in 6 different sizes, please see our chart for more detailed information.
MealwormsTenebrio molitor Prices from£1.69
Mealworms are a great source of food for our reptiles and avian pets. People often feed these to wild birds also during the nesting season. They are full of protein and are easy to store. Available in 3 different sizes.
Morioworms Zophobos morio Prices from£1.69
Very similar to mealworms but more suitable for larger lizards such as Bearded Dragons and Monitor Lizards.
Silent Brown Crickets
Silent Brown CricketsGryllus assimilis Prices from£1.69
Silent brown crickets are arguably the best staple diet for our exotic pets in captivity. These insects are available in 7 different sizes, please see our chart for more detailed information.
SnailsAspersa maxima Prices from£2.30
A new addition to our extensive livefood range. These slithering creatures come in 2 sizes and make a great alternative to feeding more common types of livefood.
Springtail Cultures
Springtail CulturesUnknown Prices from£2.49
These arthopods are perfect for use with bio-active setups and have been used commonly with dart frog breeders for many years.
Tropical Woodlice
Tropical WoodliceVarious Prices from£2.30
If you keep reptiles or amphibians in a bio-active setup, then tropical woodlice are a great and natural way of breaking down waste.
WaxwormsGalleria mellonella Prices from£1.69
Waxworms are a great treat for all exotic pets. They are full of fat, ideal for getting lizards to a good breeding weight.
Whiteworm Culture
Whiteworm CultureEnchytraeus albidus Prices from£2.30
Perfect for use with bio-active setups forming part of a clean up crew.

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