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ProRep Bug Boosters Calcium

ProRep Bug Boosters Calcium
Insect diet

These grape flavoured calcium jellies are designed to gut load livefood prior to use and boost its calcium content.

  • Flavoured with grape to make them attractive
  • Fortified with calcium lactate
  • Helps prolong livefood shelf life

ProRep Bug Boosters Calcium - 17g (8-pk) Blister
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17g (8-pk) Blister
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What are ProRep Bug Boosters Calcium used for?

While jelly pots are great for providing moisture, their food value is limited (except to certain beetles and fruit eating invertebrates). These new Calcium Jellies are the first in a new range of Bug Boosters which are designed to provide some real benefits to livefood prior to its use.

These Calcium Jellies are flavoured with grape to make them attractive to all feeder insects and fortified with calcium lactate. This easily absorbed form of calcium gut loads insects that eat the jelly, so boosting their calcium content prior to being eaten. The moisture in the jelly also helps extend the shelf life of insects.

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