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Guide to Owning Millipedes and Centipedes, The

Guide to Owning Millipedes and Centipedes, The
Author Jerry G. Walls

Millipeders or thousand-leggers have become important invertebrate pets widely available in many shops.

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These harmless, often very attractive animals are famous for their numerous legs, herbivorous diets, and general ease of care, but little has been written of them for the average hobbyist. The Guide to Owning Millipedes and Centipedes covers a broad spectrum of millipedes, from small pink and orange species to the giant African blacks (10 inches long) and colourful western desert millipedes.

The goal is to provide basic information on the natural history and terrarium care of a variety of millipedes, with hints on identification of the types seen most often. Also covered are the fast-moving, venomous centipedes, flattened many-legged predators that appeal to many hobbyists but remain little understood in the terrarium.