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Chimaira Stump-tailed Chameleons Book

Chimaira Stump-tailed Chameleons Book
Information on keeping and breeding

This hardcover book has detailed information on many species of Pygmy Chameleons along with captive care and breeding. A must buy for any Stump-tailed Chameleon keeper.

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Miniature Dragons of the Rainforest. The Genera Brookesia and Rhampholeon. Frankfurt Main 2004, Hardcover, 254 pages, more than 200 color photos, distribution maps, keys and several drawings. In this volume, some earlier views toward stump-tailed chameleons (genera Brookesia and Rhampholeon) have changed. In nature, these chameleons were found to occur in greater numbers than previously anticipated, due of their small body size and effective use of camouflage, and in captivity, most species surprisingly proved to adjust adequately to life in the terrarium.