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African Lined Mantis

African Lined Mantis
Sphodromantis lineola

The African Praying Mantis is medium sized and typical mantis appearance. They range in shades of browns and greens depending on the species and humidity levels.

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What does the African Praying Mantis look like?

A typical praying mantis appearance with colours ranging from greens, brown and creams. Two small white or yellow coloured 'eyes' can be found on either side of their wing cases when adult.

Being a medium to large Mantis, the adult size varies from 60 - 80mm in length (Dependent on the species and sex). Both sexes are capably of flight when adults, but the female become to heavy with eggs that they mealy jump instead of flighing.

Where are African Praying Mantids from?

As the name suggests they can be found throughout most of Africa. All of these species are found here, just below the Sahara. So a relatively warm and dry environment, with a temperature of 24C (room temperature), and the humidity in the region of 50%, should be fine. Just spray, twice weekly to allow them to drink.

Sub Adult African Praying Mantis ready to strike at some food.

Sub Adult African Praying Mantis ready to strike at some food.

Are African Praying Mantids easy to keep?

YES, VERY EASY!!! This must be one of the easily obtained and hardest species you can come across. They are tolerant to the temperature and humidity irregularities, which could cause problems in other species.

Habitat for this mantis, is mainly shrub areas, through to forests. We suggest you use branches and false leaves for the mantis to lie in wait for its prey. But do not over crowd the cage too much, the mantis still needs space while shedding!

I would recommend that these are only kept together for a few months after hatching! Plenty of food must be provided as they are greedy when young! When they reach their 3rd shed, I would seperate them into their own living areas.

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