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Black Beauty Stick Insect

Black Beauty Stick Insect
Peruphasma schultei

The Black Beauty Stick Insect is a must for anyone who likes stick insects. Adults are jet black with small red wings and bright yellow eyes, they really are stunning.

EnvironmentGrassland and Forests
Adult SizeUp to 5.5cm
SuitabilityNovice keeper
LifespanUp to 1 year
Food TypePrivet, Lilac, Japanese Laurel and Honeysuckle

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Please be aware... Stick Insects can occasionally lose limbs during transit or while handling but don’t worry! With each progressive moult they will regenerate the missing limb and it will not affect them long term. While we make every effort to carefully pack and send out perfect insects, we cannot be held responsible if this happens once they have left our care.

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