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Chinese Praying Mantis
Tenodera aridifolia sinensis

The Chinese Praying Mantis is a large common mantis originating from China but lives in the USA.

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What does the Chinese Praying Mantis look like?

A 1st instar baby Chinese Praying Mantis

A long and thin praying mantis with the colours ranging in different shades of browns. When adult, they have a green lateral stripe down the side of the wing case. They also have a small spike on the four walking legs. Being quite a large Mantis, the adult size varies from 85 - 100mm in length (Dependent on the sex).

Where are Chinese Praying Mantids from?

This species originates from China but can be found in the USA too.
This species inhabits grasslands in moderate climates. The environment temperatures should be inbetween 20 - 26C (68 - 78.8F), and the humidity in the region of 60 - 65%.

An adult Chinese Praying Mantis showing the green stripe along the wings

An adult Chinese Praying Mantis showing the green stripe along the wings

Is the Chinese Mantis easy to keep?

YES! This is yet another large and easy species to keep. You must provide this active Mantis with plenty of space and false plants. We have all our young Nymphs in large containers, as they always seem to be running around. They do calm down as they get older, so don't worry.

Once hatched, keep them in the same tank for a few months until they reach their 3rd shed. Plenty of food and space must be provided. These can be very greedy, so you will have some losses before you seperate them.

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