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Vietnamese Rainbow Millipede

Vietnamese Rainbow Millipede
Tonkinbolus dolfusi

One of the most attractive and easy to keep species of millipede available. Similar in appearance and size, to that of Tonkibolus caudulanus.

OriginThailand, Vietnam
Adult SizeUp to 10cm
SuitabilityNovice keeper
Food TypeFruit, vegetables, deadwood, leaf litter, lichen

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What does the Vietnamese Rainbow Millipede look like?

A medium sized species of millipede (up to 10cm). The body is annulated in light bluish grey and dark grey. A red stripe is present along the dorsal. The legs, antennae and telson spike are pink.

Where are Vietnamese Rainbow Millipedes from?

Commonly found in Vietnam and Thailand. Also present in other southeast Asian countries, but always in areas of rainforest and where humidity is high.

How do you keep Vietnamese Rainbow Millipedes?

House singularly or in groups, in large plastic tanks or glass terrariums. This species is intolerant of temperature fluctuations and should be maintained between 22°C (72°F) and 25°C (77°F) using appropriate heating equipment. Maintain a high level of humidity around 90% with frequent misting, using a hand or pump sprayer.

Provide a deep soil based substrate layer of 7-10cm which is enriched with natural organic matter. Add natural decor such as bark and branches for enrichment and cover. Sphagnum moss can also used for helping maintain humidity.

This species eats mainly fruit and vegetables, but also leaf litter, dead wood and lichen. You must provide these at varying levels of decomposition.

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