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Chile Rose Tarantula

Chile Rose Tarantula
Grammostola porteri

The perfect starter spider, can't be many better out there! Like most Chile species it is a calm and a very easy to look after spider.

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What does the Chile Rose Tarantula look like?

With their calm and docile nature, these are excellent for the novice! They are easily obtained from most pet shops and Tarantula breeders. Caution should still be taken when handling, they will bite if threatened, or flick urticating hairs.

Chile Rose Tarantulas have two colour phases, the first phase has an overall body colour of tan/brown with pink hairs, and the second has pink/red hairs all over the body. The leg span on an adult Chilean Rose ranges from 4.5-5.5" (110-140mm), the body is 2.5 inches. They are slow growing and long lived.

Where are Chile Rose Tarantulas from?

Found in Northern Chile, hence the name, also in Argentina and Bolivia.

The temperature range for this species is 23-30C (75-85F). Don't keep this species too moist, a humidity level around 65-75% should be fine.

How do you keep Chile Rose Tarantulas?

This is one of the easiest and best species of tarantula to keep. Being a Terrestrial species (ground living), you need to provide the Tarantula with more ground space than height. They will either burrow in the substrate or hide beneath logs. Layer the bottom of the tank with approx. 3" (80mm) of substrate to allow burrowing. Provide rocks, logs and even a plant pot for the Chilean Rose to hide under.

Once a week, feed on a range of insects and depending on the age, the odd pinkie (baby mouse). Crickets can injury your tarantula during moulting, so any uneaten food should be removed if your tarantula doesn't seem interested, try feeding again a few days later. Always provide water, this can be via a shallow dish or Tarantula sponge!

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