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Lobster Roaches

Lobster Roaches
Nauphoeta cinerea

Lobster Roaches are a popular feeder cockroach due to the speed that they multiply, even with minimal care!

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What does a Lobster Roach look like?

Lobster Roaches are a small, fast, climbing, brown cockroach - measuring about 30mm when adult. Although they have wings Lobster Roaches can not fly.

Being a soft bodied cockroach; coupled with the minimal time and effort it takes to keep/breed them - make Lobster Cockroaches a favourite feeder roach with reptile keepers.

Where do Lobster Roaches come from?

Lobster Roaches are a tropical roach, originating from the Caribbean.

Are Lobster Cockroaches easy to keep?

Yes, probably one of the easiest cockroaches to keep and culture. They need very little care, and must be the fastest breeding roach available.

Size of housing really depends on how the size of the colony you want to keep. They can be kept in anything from a glass tank to a plastic storage box. However, Lobster Roaches do climb; so you'll need to smear a few cm of Vaseline around the top of their container. Being nocturnal, they like it dark and need a place to hide during the day - egg cartons or cork bark make great hiding places.

As most cockroaches, they will eat almost anything - give them plenty of fruit and vegetables; this should supply them with plenty of moisture.

The warmer you keep them the faster they'll breed (recommended that you keep them no cooler than 70 degrees).

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