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Salmon Pink Birdeater

Salmon Pink Birdeater
Lasiodora parahybana

This extremely large tarantula is a must for any collection. The Salmon Pink Birdeater grows at a fast rate, reaching sizes of 7.5 - 10 inches. They don't spin large webs, or burrow much, so make great display tarantulas.

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What does the Salmon Pink Birdeater look like?

This huge species of tarantula can have a leg span that reaches sizes of 7.5 - 10 inches,the body length is approx. 4 inch. While young spiderling, like in these pictures, the tarantula is pink all over the body, with the abdomen being slightly darker. Adult colour is far different, they are on average brown-black, with light coloured lateral stripes on both tibiae and patellae. Reddish brown, slightly curly hairs are present on the abdomen and legs.

If you want a display tarantula, these are ideal, they don't borrow much or make large webs, although they do like digging.

Where are Salmon Pink Birdeating Tarantulas from?

A ground dweller living in the Brazilian rain forest.

You should provide a temperature of 23-30C (75-85F) with a slight drop at night. Humidity levels should be in the range of 75-85%. Either can maintain heating their tank a heat mat or a red bulb situated at one end.

How do you keep Salmon Pink Birdeaters?

Some experience with tarantulas would be best as these are semi-aggressive!

Being a Terrestrial species (ground living), you need to provide the Tarantula with more ground space than height. They like digging in the substrate and hiding beneath logs. Layer the bottom of the tank with approx. 3" (80mm) of substrate to allow burrowing. Provide rocks, logs and even a plant pot for the Salmon Pink Birdeater to hide under.

Once a week, feed on a range of insects and depending on the age, the odd pinkie (baby mouse). Crickets can injury your tarantula during moulting, so any uneaten food should be removed if your tarantula doesn't seem interested, try feeding again a few days later. Always provide water, this can be via a shallow dish or Tarantula sponge!

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