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Nigerian Hermit Crab

Nigerian Hermit Crab
Unkown species

These fragile looking Hermit Crabs are found within the Mangrove swamps of Western African and may be classed as Marine Hermit Crabs.

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What does the Nigerian Hermit Crab look like?

Living within a spiral shell, these little hermit crabs have long, fragile looking legs. Their claws are tiny compared to other land hermit crabs and the eyes extend on large stalks. Colouration on the legs seems to be green and dark brown bands. Size is unknown, the ones we currently have are living within a spiral shell that measures 3-5cm.

Where is the Nigerian Hermit Crab from?

Found within the Mangrove swamps of western Africa, these Hermit Crabs have been collected from Nigeria. They live in brackish water, but are found more frequently on land scavenging for food.

How do you keep Nigerian Hermit Crabs?

Provide a glass or plastic tank (latter being cheaper) that is at least 30x20x20cm (12x8x8 inch) LxWxH for housing two or three Nigerian Hermit Crabs. We know they come from mangrove swamps, a sandy/muddy substrate like the Exo Terra Riverbed Sand would best suit them or use a soil substrate with orchid bark placed on top. We are currently keeping them between 24-26C (75-80F) with a humidity of around 80%.

Feed them a range of foods like banana, apples, coconut, carrots, lettuce and prawns,. You must provide both fresh and salt water that is deep enough for them to submerge their body and shell.

Further information found about these Hermit Crabs (thanks Lisa ;) is that they are mainly Marine, this explains why they have small fragile legs and claws. We believe that you could keep them in two very different set-ups. The first being mainly aquatic with a small land area, the second as discussed above - mainly land with deep water dishes.

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