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Giant Malaysian Shield Mantis

Giant Malaysian Shield Mantis
Rhombodera basalis

The Giant Malaysian Shield Mantis is a large praying mantis with a shield, they originate from Malaysia.

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What does the Giant Malaysian Shield Praying Mantis look like?

This is one of the biggest Mantids I have owned with the adult female reaching a size of approx. 120mm and the male is slightly smaller at 100mm. A typical, bulky, green coloured looking Mantis, but with the added shield on it's neck, hence the name. As Nymphs, the shield is not present and grows slightly on each shed until reaching adult size.

Where are Giant Malaysian Shield Praying Mantids rom?

They live in Malaysia and should be kept in a relatively hot environment. A required temperature of 25 - 35C (77 - 95F), with the humidity in the region of 70 - 80%. They can tolerate temperature and humidity irregularities, which makes them an easy, hardy species.

Are Giant Malaysian Shield Mantids easy to keep?

Yes, they are a hardy species. If you don't have the temperature and humidity level correct, don't panic, they will be fine! Provide them with plenty of artificial plants, as the woodland area is their natural environment!

They eat large amounts of food, so get plenty! A varied diet is best, feeding on locusts, wax worms, crickets and spiders etc.

If you have an Ootheca hatch, seperate them as soon as possible. We have kept these together in the same net cage while only 2nd shed and had a large number of losses! They wouldn't eat the whole body, just the head. These are very aggressive towards other Nymphs! ...do not keep them together.

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