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Marbled Praying Mantis
Hierodula parviceps

The Marbled Praying Mantis is a medium sized praying mantis with wings vary in colour, from a light brown pearl to a lovely blue pearl.

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What does the Marbled Praying Mantis look like?

When this spcies reaches adult, you can really see why this is called a "Marbled Mantis". The wings vary in colour from a light brown pearl to a lovely blue pearl. There are two eye spots present on the wings and the front arms are slightly banded. The eyes are very catching with a nice pink pearl colour. The females reach approx. 70-75mm and the males approx. 65-70mm in length. This is a great medium sized Mantis to own!

Where is this Marbled Mantis from?

We think this species comes from Indonesia. The temperature should be in the range of 22C and above, but room temperature will be fine. Humidity should be in the region of 60% and while young Nymphs, spray every day slightly with a fine water mister so they may drink.

Are Marbled Mantids easy to keep?

Yes, this is a nice hardy species which is very easy to care for! Feed them a range of live foods to provide a varied diet. The set up should have twigs and artificial plant so the Mantis can hang from them.

Only keep togehter while very young. Provide with ample food and plenty of space and you shouldn't have many losses. Try and seperate them once they reach 3rd/4th shed.

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