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Giant Indian Praying Mantis
Hierodula grandis

The Giant Indian Praying Mantis is a typical looking giant praying mantis.

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What does a Giant Indian Praying Mantis look like?

Well, this is a common looking Mantis, it's colour varies from greens, browns and sometimes even an unusual silvery green! When adult, this species can measures roughly 100mm in size (dependent on the sex). Again, very similar to the Giant Asian and Giant Malaysian Mantis.

Where is the Giant Indian Mantis from?

Asia. They are tolerant to the temperature and humidity irregularities, so they can be be maintained in a relatively hot environment, with a temperature of 22 - 30C (71.6 - 86F), with the humidity in the region of 60 - 70%.

Are Giant Indian Mantids easy to keep?

YES, it is easy to keep!!! Again, this is an ideal large species for beginners. Being a monster of a Mantis, they can easily tackle large locus. The habitat for this Mantis is mainly shrubs and trees, so keep your Mantis happy, make the tank look like it's natural environment (suggest using either real or false branches and leaves).

Only keep these together if you have an Oothecas hatch. Remove them into seperate containers when they are 3rd/4th shed Nymphs.

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