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African Velvet Slugs

African Velvet Slugs
Unknown species

Easy and cheap to care for, the African Velvet Slug is a strange but nice species to own. Feeding on a range of fruit and veg, makes them easy on the pocket. They are not dangerous in anyway and can be handled gently.

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What the African Velvet Slug look like?

Firstly, these slugs are not like your common garden slugs, they don't have all that horrible slim that you can't wash off your hands. It's hard to explain how they feel, but they are kind a sticky to the touch, not slimy. They are an overall brown/tan colour, with little dints and bumps along the body.

Where are African Velvet Slugs from?

Found in parts of Africa.

Room temperature seems to suit this species of African slug. You can provide them with a higher temperature of 21 - 25C (70 - 77F), but it is not required. If you want to provide extra heat, use a heat mat under one side of the tank. The only problem with this is that you will have to spray more often so not to dry out the substrate. Keep the substrate damp, but not wet around 60-70% humidity.

Are African Velvet Slugs easy to keep?

Yes, one of the easiest exotic pets to care for!

Velvet slugs can be kept in either glass or plastic tanks, the latter is cheaper. Use a soil substrate of 1-2 inches deep and make sure this is damp. Provide plenty of logs and cork bark for your slugs to climb over and hide under during the day. You will find that the slugs group together during the day under decor or in the corner of the tank.

Feed the slugs on a range of fruit, vegetables and garden plants. I have listed all the foods they should eat; cucumber, lettuce, peppers, apple, nectarine, grapes, banana, peach, plums, melon, papaya, leafy greens (e.g. spinach, kale), green beans, corn on the cob, tomatoes, etc. They get lots of moisture from their foods so a water dish isn't necessary, just make sure you spray the tank at least once a day so they can drink.

Caution: This species of slug should only be kept with the same species. It has been brought to our attention that if placed in an enclosure with Land Snails, they can damage and possible kill them.

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