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Panama Blonde

Panama Blonde
Psalmopoeus pulcher

Not as often seen and arguably the nicest looking species of the Psalmopoeus genus.

Adult SizeUp to 15cm
Growth Rate1-2 years
EnvironmentTropical climate
SuitabilityExperienced keeper

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What does the Panama Blonde Tarantula look like?

A good looking tarantula with varying shades of browns and tans all over the carapace and legs. It has feathery looking hairs along its legs which are particularly noticeable across the Tibia. The abdomen is a two-tone effect with dark patches near the spinnerets and along the femurs. Much like its cousin Psalmopoeus cambridgei it displays orange tips on the tip of the Tarsus.

Where are Panama Blonde Tarantulas from?

The country of origin is Panama.

How do you keep Panama Blonde Tarantulas?

Like all species of arboreal tarantula, these spiders require a hollow log or cork bark tube as a retreat. Deep and loose substrate is also important as they do like to dig out a snug home and silk all around. A good rule of thumb is to try and provide a depth of substrate matching the same depth as the spiders legspan. These spiders need to be kept at temperatures of 25-26 degrees celcius dropping no lower than 20 degrees celcius at night.

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