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Giant Malaysian Praying Mantis
Hierodula trimaculata

Giant Malaysian Praying Mantis, this vigorous eater is large and typical praying mantis apperance.

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What does the Giant Malaysian Praying Mantis look like?

Have you ever seen any of those 1950's B-Movies - where a Colossal 200ft Mantis is terroising New York - pulling down sky scrapers??? - Well, they look just like that - but a bit smaller!!!

The colour can vary from greens, browns and creams. When adult, they can measure upto a whacking 100 - 110 mm in size (dependent on the sex - girls are bigger than boys). They are a heavily built Mantis, strong enough to rip apart and eat fully grown Locuts.
Looking very similar to the Giant Asian and Giant Indian Mantis, this is a great large species to keep.

Where are Giant Malaysian Mantids from?

Living in Malaysia, they should be maintained in a relatively hot environment, with a temperature of 22 - 30C (71.6 - 86F), with the humidity in the region of 60 - 70%. Tolerant to the temperature and humidity irregularities, this makes them a hardy species.

Is the Giant Malaysian Mantis easy to keep?

YES!!! The Giant Malaysian Mantis is very easy to keep, an ideal large species for beginners. But watch out! It's a vigorous eater and will eat pretty much anything that moves (apart from you). They can easily eat fully-grown adult locus in one sitting. The natural habitat for this mantis is shrubs and tree areas, so the cage should be set up in a similar way.

Only keep these together if you have an Oothecas hatch. Remove them into seperate containers when they are 3rd/4th shed Nymphs.

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