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Giant Asian Mantis

Giant Asian Mantis
Hierodula membranacea

The Giant Asian Praying Mantis is a large typical looking praying mantis from Asia.

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What does the Giant Asian Praying Mantis look like?

A classic looking praying Mantis .Colours vary from green to yellow-green or brown to reddish-brown. Measure roughly 80 - 90mm in size when adult this again makes them a large specie to own. Due to their size, they are heavily built and look similar to the Giant Indian and Giant Malaysian Mantis.

Where are Giant Asian Praying Mantids from?

East-South Asia. Living in hot and humid climates they can be maintained with a temperature of 22 - 30C (71.6 - 86F), with the humidity in the region of 60 - 70%. If this is not quite right, don't panic! - they'll be fine.

Are Giant Asian Praying Mantids easy to keep?

The answer is YES!!! A larger, suitable species for any beginner. Feeding isn't a problem, they are vigorous eaters and will tackle anything. The habitat for this Mantis, is mainly shrubs and tree areas. Set up of the cage should be in a similar way with branches and leaves.

We wouldn't recommend keeping these together past their 3rd/4th shed. Although, we did keep five Nypmhs together upto sub-adult size in the same net cage and there wasn't that much food provided! Although, we have never tried keeping the adults together - the males quite often get eaten if the females are slightly hungry, so we're not risking it!

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