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Indian Flower Praying Mantis
Creoboter Meleagris, elongata

The Indian Flower Praying Mantis is a small attractive praying manits from India.

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What the Indian Flower Mantis look like?

This small, but nice looking mantis only measures 30 - 40mm when adult (males being smaller). Both sexes have a green/brown body with white markings. They have bright green wings that have a slight yellow tint on the side. In the center of the wing, there is a yellow/white eye patch, which has a slight black edging around it.

Where are Indian Flower Mantids from?

They are found in India. The species of flower Mantis hides inbetween flowers and shrubs praying on nectar seeking insects. Keep them at 25 -32C (77 - 89.6F) during the day and reduce this during the night to 17C (62.6F). Spray them lightly with water in the evening to keep the humidity at roughly 60%.

Are these Indian Mantids easy to keep?

If you have the correct temperature, they can be kept quite easily! These have to be kept at a higher temperature than most other species of Mantids, similar temperature to the Orchid Mantis.

I have found that if you provide them with ample of food (mainly flies), then they do live OK with each other. We have never kept adults together, only upto their 5th shed. We did have a few losses, but this was because we didn't provide them with enough food.

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