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New Zealand Praying Mantis

New Zealand Praying Mantis
Orthodera novaezealandiae

The New Zealand Praying Mantis is a very active small Mantis.

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What does the New Zealand Praying Mantis look like?

This is a very active little Mantis. While young they are green with a slightly dark line running down the side of their bodies. Adult size is very small, females measure approx. 40mm and the males slightly smaller at 35mm. Their colour is still a lovely bright green!

Where are New Zealand Mantids from?

It's name gives it away - New Zealand! They like warm temperatures, but room temperature will be OK for them inbetween 25-30C. Spray them a few times a week, more often while young so the humididty is approx. 50-60%.

Is the New Zealand Mantis easy to keep?

YES. This species is very active and fast - mainly while young, so care must be taken when handling that the small Nymph does not jump! Feed them a varied diet - I would feed them on small flies and crickets. Provide them with artificial plants and twigs and you should have no problems.

We have not had much experience with these yet - but will up-date this when the Nymphs are older. So far we have them in the same container and will be seperating them when they reach 3rd/4th shed.

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