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Curly Hair (Wild Type)

Curly Hair (Wild Type)
Brachypelma albopilosum

Still one of the best beginner species of tarantula. These spiderlings have come from wild caught parents in Nicaragua so no risk of hybrids.

Curly Hair (Wild Type) - Re-grown leg (WC) Juvenile
On Site (1-4 working days)
Re-grown leg (WC) Juvenile
Earn 170 PetPoints

Curly Hair (Wild Type) - (WC) Juveneil
On Site (1-4 working days)
(WC) Juveneil
Earn 175 PetPoints

Curly Hair (Wild Type) - (WC) Sub/Adult - possible female
On Site (1-4 working days)
(WC) Sub/Adult - possible female
Earn 200 PetPoints

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