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Amber Millipedes

Amber Millipedes
Pelmatojulus ligulatus

Also commonly known as tiger millipedes, this species is large and similar in appearance and size, to that of Pelmatojulus excisus.

OriginWest Africa
EnvironmentSecondary rainforests
Adult SizeUp to 16cm
Food TypeRotting wood, dead leaves, lichenv

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What does the Amber Millipede look like?

A fairly large and bulky species of millipede (up to 16cm) with a glossy type appearance. The body is ringed in orange brown and yellow segments along the dorsal and flanks. This turns entirely brown on the venter (underside). The legs and antennae are short, stubby and reddish brown in colouration.

This millipede is similar in appearance to that of Pelmatojulus excisus.

Where are Amber Millipedes from?

They are found within tropical climates in West Africa, such as the secondary rainforests in, Benin, Nigeria and Togo.

How do you keep Amber Millipedes?

House singularly or in groups, in large and secure plastic tanks or glass terrariums. Maintain temperatures between 24°C (75°F) and 28°C (82°F) using appropriate terrarium heating equipment. Maintain a high humidity of 80-90% with frequent misting, using a hand or pump sprayer.

Provide a deep soil based substrate layer of 7-10cm which is enriched with natural organic matter. Add natural decor such as bark and branches for enrichment and cover. Sphagnum moss can also used for helping maintain humidity.

This species is a dietary specialist that feeds almost exclusively on rotting wood, dead leaves and lichen. You must provide these at varying levels of decomposition as they can consume vast amounts. Standard foods are rarely accepted.

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