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Columbian Giant Tarantula

Columbian Giant Tarantula
Megaphobema robustum

An aggressive species, but also very attractive. They live in the Columbian and Brazilian Rainforest under logs or within burrows.

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What does a Columbian Giant Tarantula look like?

This is an attractive species with orange/reddish brown legs and abdomen, the femur and carapace are black. They reach a body length of 9cm (3.5 inch), leg span can be from 16cm (6.5 inches).

This is an aggressive species and experience in keeping Tarantula is a must. They will flick hairs and are willing to bite.

Where are Columbian Giant Tarantulas from?

They can be found living in burrows or under logs within the Columbian and Brazilian Rain forest.

How do you keep a Columbian Giant Tarantula?

Floor space is more important than height for this species. Provide a deep substrate of 6-8 inches of potting soil, coconut fibre or vermiculite to allow burrowing. Place cork bark or flower pots in the enclosure so the Columbian Giant Tarantula may hide.

At temperature of 24-28C (75-80F) is the ideal range with a humidity in the range of 76-82%. If the Tarantula has a leg span of more then 3 inches, a small water dish can be placed in the enclosure.

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