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Natural Jelly Pot Holder

Natural Jelly Pot Holder
Feeding accessory

This decorative holder prevents jelly pots from being tipped over and spoiled with substrates; especially useful when giving geckos and other fruit and nectar feeding reptiles a tasty treat.

Natural Jelly Pot Holder - Single
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What is the Natural Jelly Pot Holder?

This natural jelly pot holder is crafted from hardwood, with a hole in the centre designed to perfectly fit the Exotic Pets range of flavoured Jelly Pots.

The benefits of the Natural Jelly Pot Holder

This natural jelly pot holder is perfect for adding a decorative yet practical feeding area into your setup. Perfect for a variety of nectar feeding reptiles and invertebrate species.

  • Fits all Exotic Pets Jelly Pots perfectly
  • Suitable for terrariums and vivariums.
  • Made from natural hardwood which is both reptile and invertebrate safe.
  • Cannot be easily turned over by reptiles and larger invertebrates while feeding.

How to use the Natural Jelly Pot Holder

This product is simple to use.

  1. Place on the floor of the terrarium or vivarium and place a jelly pot firmly into the recess.
  2. When the jelly pot needs replacing, simply remove the plastic pot and replace with a fresh jelly pot.
  3. The holder can also be used for feeding gecko powdered diets, offering water or filling with calcium for some species - simply reuse and refill an empty plastic jelly pot.

Please note: Photo is for illustrative purposes. Each item is unique and will vary in size and shape, but will still fit our own brand Exotic Pets Jelly Pots perfectly. 

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