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Live Bean Weevil Cultures

Live Bean Weevil Cultures
Callosobruchus maculatus

Our farm bred Bean Weevils offer exceptional value for money as they are coming straight from us, the breeder. They are raised on a high quality diet in optimal conditions and freshness is guaranteed as standard. Suitable for a wide range of exotic pets.

Live Bean Weevil Cultures - Pot 365ml
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Pot 365ml
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What do Bean Weevils look like?

These are small compact beetles with an oval in shape, with a small pointed head. They reach up to 2-3mm and colours are usually mottled brown, grey and black. The tiny larvae will burrow into beans and other legumes and pulses. The larvae remain inside the bean, eating it away until ready to pupate within the chamber they have created. Bean Weevils will then emerge from the bean as an adult beetle. Adult Bean Weevils are not aggressive and will never bite, instead playing dead if startled or disturbed.

Where are Bean Weevils from?

This subfamily of beetles includes around 1,650 species across the globe. 

Our Bean Weevil Cultures are created by us in a modern, ethical facility in the UK, reared on high end food - meaning that they arrive to you fresh and in excellent health as standard.

How to care for Bean Weevil Cultures

Your Bean Weevils will be delivered in a culture pot with beans in the bottom, a sponge stopper in the top and wood wool for the beetles to cling to. On arrival, they may appear immobile if temperatures are low but will soon become active when warm again. Bean Weevils are best stored at temperatures between 20-25°C, this will encourage the weevils to begin breeding and kick start the culture. 

Fresh cultures can take a few weeks to mature; if the adults provided aren’t given the chance to breed, the culture will crash and you will need to start over. For those requiring large numbers of weevils consistently, we recommend buying several tubs over the course of a few weeks. By staggering cultures created at different times, you will have a constant supply to harvest - ideal for keepers of dart frogs and those keeping large numbers of mantids.

You will not need to feed the weevils as the pot contains everything they need to live in and breed. The wood wool included in the pot provides plenty of dry media for the weevils. The culture should continue to yield beetles for 2-3 weeks, if not more - Beetles will gradually stop emerging once the larvae have eaten all of the beans.

The benefits of using Bean Weevils

Bean Weevils are high in protein and are the perfect size for feeding to dart frogs, invertebrates such as mantids, spiderlings and many dwarf lizard species. Bean Weevils are best used as part of a varied diet, as with any livefood, variety is the key to providing a well balanced, nutritious diet. The addition of calcium and vitamins is recommended to enhance the nutritional content of these beetles.

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