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Exotic Pets Jelly Pots

Exotic Pets Jelly Pots
For reptiles and invertebrates

Our jelly pots are a high protein vegetarian food, perfect for hydrating and nourishing feeder insects. Perfect for maintaining and rearing beetles and many other pet invertebrates and make a sweet treat for geckos and other fruit loving reptiles.

Exotic Pets Jelly Pots - Calcium Boost (Pack of 20)
On Site (1-4 working days)
Calcium Boost (Pack of 20)
Earn 37 PetPoints

Exotic Pets Jelly Pots - Mixed Flavour (Pack of 20)
On Site (1-4 working days)
Mixed Flavour (Pack of 20)
Earn 0 PetPoints

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What are Jelly Pots?

The jelly is manufactured from a high-quality vegetable gel which is then fortified with protein and flavoured using fruit extract or other natural flavours, this makes them suitable for insects and animals which do not require animal protein.

These jellies come in a 16g mini pot and are a convenient way of ensuring your pet gets a varied and healthy diet.

Mixed Flavour

Boxes will consist of a selection of the following flavours sent at random based on availability:
Apple, Banana, Brown Sugar, Cherry, Honey, Lactic Acid, Nectar, Mango, Melon, Orange, Papaya, Pineapple, Strawberry.

Calcium Boost

Boxes will contain grape flavour jellies which are fortified with calcium lactate. This easily absorbed form of calcium gut loads insects that eat the jelly, which in turn boosts their calcium content prior to being eaten by your pet.


R.O. Water 58%, Sugar, Fructose 22%, Fruit juice, Seaweed Extract, Amino Acid Glycine 0.5%, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural flavours, EU permitted colourants.

Guaranteed analysis

Per kg: Crude Protein 20g, Fat 0g, Crude Fibre 0g, Vit A 0.2mg, Vit C 0.5mg.

The benefits of Jelly Pots

Jelly pots are a high energy, sugary food source for many feeder and pet insects, the high moisture content aids hydration without the risk of drowning. They are also readily enjoyed by a wide variety of fruit loving reptiles and even exotic birds and parrots. 

Because of the sweet sugary nature of these jellies, they should be offered as a treat item as part of a wider more nutritious, varied diet. Because of their sweet fruity taste, these jellies can occasionally be mashed in small quantities with other greens to encourage picky feeders to try new foods.

  • High protein flavoured jellies.
  • Calcium Boost aids gutloading.
  • Provides hydration and nourishment for livefood, keeping feeders alive for longer.
  • Complete food for adult beetles, ants and many other pet inverts.
  • Treat food for many species of fruit and nectar loving geckos and other reptiles.
  • Can be mounted in standard jelly pot holders.
  • Available in a variety of delicious flavours providing food based enrichment.

How to use Jelly Pots

  1. Remove plastic film cover to feed, ensuring the jelly is accessible.
  2. You can mount our jelly pots in all standard sized jelly pot holders, or use a jelly cutter to half them for smaller species of invertebrates.
  3. The pot can be sunk into the substrate for terrestrial invertebrates such as beetles and millipedes.
  4. Can occasionally be mashed in small amounts and mixed with greens to encourage animals to make new foods smell more palatable.
  5. Once jelly pots are open they must be consumed within five days.
  6. Best stored cool, dry and away from direct sunlight.

Please note: Photo is for illustrative purposes only. In mixed flavour packs, flavours will be sent at random depending upon availability. Not for human consumption.

Do your research
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