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Corn Snake

Corn Snake
Pantherophis guttatus

Corn Snakes come in a huge variety of colours. They are a easy handling size and have a calm disposition. These animals are reluctant to bite, constrict or defecate under mild stress like other species. Suitable for beginners to experts.

OriginNorth America
Adult Size4-5ft
LifespanUp to 20 years

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What does a Corn Snake look like?

This common snake grows to an adult size of approx. 2.5 - 5 feet. They are available in a range of different colours and morphs, but all of the corns have a "V" shape on their head. Some of the colours you can purchase are as follows; Albino, Black, Candy Cane, Fluorescent, Motley, Snow and many more - too many to list!

If you want to own a snake for the first time, this is the ideal "Pet Snake". They have a calm natured, can be handled and easy to maintain and feed.

Where are Corn Snakes from?

They range from southeast America and northeast Canada.

As with all snakes, they need a high temperature during the day to allow their food to digest. If this is not provided, the snake will regurgitate the meal back up to prevent this from rotting in their stomach. A temperature of 30C (85F) should be provided during the day with a drop down to 25C (75F) at night. The easiest way to provide heat is to place a heat mat under 1/3 of the tank and use a low wattage bulb during the day to stimulate the day time hours. The cool end must be provided with a water dish so the snake can maintain its own temperature.

Available in different morphs and colours.

Are Corn Snakes easy to keep?

Yes, this is the "Pet Snake" to own!

You can make the vivarium for your pet snake as simple or as natural as you want. A simply way for many snake breeders is to place them in plastic containers with a heat mat at one end and a water dish at the other. Simply use clean paper towel as a substrate and provide a hide. This is a very cheap way if you want to keep many different morphs or are planning on breeding the snakes.

If you would like a natural set-up this too is very simple. Purchase a Vivarium (Contact us for sizes and prices), use a substrate like Fine Orchid Bark, Corn Cob or Cage Carpet. You need to place a Heat Mat inside 1/3 of the viv and use a small wattage bulb during the day. Provide a water bowl that should be changed daily, most snakes will curl inside the bowl when ready for shedding. Provide hides throughout the viv and maybe some climbing branches, as they will climb if given the chance. You can even purchase a background drop, like used in aquariums to give it that last finishing touch.

Feeding Corn Snakes is very easy, defrost rodents can be purchased from us. The size of the food and amounts depend on the size of the snake. All hatchlings should be fed on baby pinkies (baby mice) every 3 days or so. As they grow, this can be increased to two pinkies every 10 days, then slowly increase the size of the food. It is best to make a log of when your snake eats and sheds its skin, as this will show good records if you ever decide to sell it on or if the snake is ill.

Do your research
Before you commit to buying any pet, please do your own independent research.