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Komodo Tortoise Diet Cucumber

Komodo Tortoise Diet Cucumber
Cumcumber flavoured tortoise diet

The Komodo Complete Holsitic Tortoise Diet includes a Cucumber flavour, this diet is ideal for European species.

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The Mediterranean Tortoises and the Horsfield's or Russian Tortoise are the most popular tortoises in the UK. They have dietary needs that are different to other species such as the Red Footed or the African Spurred Tortoise.

Komodo Cucumber Tortoise Diet has been holistically formulated to provide a complete food for these popular European species. The diet is high in fibre and low in protein, and is formulated to have a calcium to phosphorus ratio of 3.5:1.

Tortoises will require good UVB lighting or additional oral supplementation of vitamin D3 to enable their bodies to make use of the calcium in their diet.

Extensive trials and testing have found the variety of tastes that tortoises love, cucumber being on of them. All Komodo foods are sourced locally and produced in the EU to reduce product miles and environmental impact.

  • Complete and balanced nutrition for European and Russian tortoises.
  • Superior taste with natural flavours.
  • High in fibre.
  • Ca:P (Calcium to Phosphorous) of 3.5:1