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ProRep Tortoise Botanical Mix

ProRep Tortoise Botanical Mix
Complimentary dried food

Prepared complimentary diet of tortoise favourites. A choice of botanical dried leaves, flowers and even a special juvenile mix.

  • Highly nutritious
  • Helps form part of a healthy and balanced diet
  • Perfect for all herbivorous and omnivorous reptiles

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What is ProRep Tortoise Botanical Mix used for?

A highly nutritious blend to be used as part of a complimentary diet. Cultivated from high quality sources specifically for herbivorous and omnivorous reptiles to help form part of healthy and balanced diet.

What's inside each mix?

  • The Leaf Mix contains, plantain, echinacea, mulberry and dandelion leaf.
  • The Flower Mix contains, hibiscus, calendula, cornflower and mallow flowers.
  • The Juvenile Mix contains; plantain leaf, dandelion leaf, red clover flowers and hibiscus petals.
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