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Arcadia EarthPro CustodianFuel

Arcadia EarthPro CustodianFuel
Feeds bio-active custodians

All natural ingredients that provide a source of nutrition which is ideal for maintaining and breeding bio-active insects.

  • A full spectrum and potent dietary pellet with vitamins and minerals
  • Invisible in-use, will not leave a white residue or go mouldy
  • Suitable for all bio-active systems
  • Nontoxic and zero Phytic acid
  • Press into the soil to feed custodians

Arcadia EarthPro CustodianFuel - Pouch 80g
On Site (1-4 working days)
Pouch 80g
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Arcadia EarthPro CustodianFuel is a plant-based, 9 ingredient pelleted food. It has been designed for those tiny creatures like springtails, woodlice, beetles and millipedes that keep a live system bio-active. The pellets contain Spirulina, Brewer's Yeast, Mushropom Powder and a high level of Calcium amongst the other ingredients and are packed in a resealable 80g foil pouch pack. To use, pellets should be pushed into the soil at a spacing of 2.5cm (1") with new pellets added every 2 weeks or so. Custodians then feed on the pellet whilst out of sight under the surface. The high level of Calcium ensures that the custodians are a great source of Calcium if consumed.

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